Glorious History

Shree Mankeshwar Vachanalaya of Niphad founded in 1919 which has completed 88 years of dedicated service, is now a cultural icon of a rural town, Niphad situated in Nashik district.


After the end of First World War lot of radical social and political events were taking place around the world and daily newspapers were the only source of knowing such events, naturally, common citizens badly felt the communication gap. It was thought that this gap could only be filled up by the institution like a public library. With this aim, prominent citizens of Niphad held one meeting and decided to start a public library. A three-member committee was formed to prepare the constitution of the library and the registration of the trust. Shree. Chintamanrao Gadgil, Shree. Bhausaheb Kulkarni alias Ugaonkar both eminent lawyers and third Shree. Vishnupant Sonawane was the members of this committee. This committee registered the public library on 9th July 1919. The search for suitable place ended with the permission given by the trustees of Shri Mankeshwar Temple and the library named Shree Mankeshwar Vachanalaya.

The Journey

In the initial period, library purchased books worth rupees four and thirty paise. The popular dailies like Induprakash, Lok-Sangrah, Maharashtra, Hindu missionary and Rashtra Hiteshi were made available for the citizens. Along with newspapers, magazine-like Madhukar, Hind Agency, Vividh Dnyavistar, Lokshikshan and Maharastra Sahitya etc were also provided to the readers.

In 1923 library received the donation of Rs.25/- from the Gram panchayat Niphad which was utilized for the purchase of books and periodicals like Kesari, Dynaprakash, Loksatta, Mumbai Gazette, Mauj Chronical, Navakal, Lokmanya etc. The landmark in the history of Library was the enrollment of first women members in 1938. Quit India movement of 1942 disrupted the working of the library since responsible office bearers took part in this movement.

In 1948 after the independence, the young energetic team decided to rejuvenate the activities of the library. At that time the library had hardly 100 books. During this period eminent personalities of Maharashtra visited this library. Amongst them to mention few were Mr. Woulf Haerant I.F.M. of Austria, Dnynapith awardee Kavivarya Kusumagraj, Play-writer Vasant Kanetkar, Ltd. High court judge B.C. Gadgil, Author Yadunath Thatte, Bar-Nath Pai, M.P. Madhvrao Gadkari, ex- editor of Loksatta, prof. G.P. Pradhan, Author Anand Yadav, Author Vasant Bapat, Author Ramesh Mantri, Poet N.D.Mahanor, Social reformer Anna Hazare and many more.

The library celebrated its 58th Anniversary on 25th July 1976. At that time Library had 9656 books and 75 periodicals with the total membership of 213 members.

In 1994 Library celebrated its 75th Anniversary. Rtd. High court judge, Mr. B. C. Gadgil (son of founder member, Chintamanrao Gadgil) and eminent poet Vasant Bapat graced the occasion as chief guest. The library also organized Nashik District Granthalaya Sangh’s Annual conference on this occasion.