About Library

Shri Mankeshwar Vachanalaya of Niphad near Nashik (200kms from Mumbai) has completed glorious 88 years of dedicated library services. Shri Mankeshwar Vachanalaya is known as the cultural center of Niphad and Nashik district. Shri Manakeshwar Vachnalaya, Niphad Trust was founded in 1919. From the inception, its office and library were in the rented building of Shri Mankeshwar Trust. In 1984, the management of the library received one plot in Shantinagar co-op. Housing Society at Niphad and a small hall were constructed in 1984.

Over the years the Library is prospered with more than 28000 books on different subjects, 19 daily Newspapers, 13 weeklies and 80 magazines. This library movement in rural areas having grade C and D are provided with books – under the Raja Rammohanan Roy chain scheme.

Shri Mankeshwar Vachanalaya has contributed a lot in the cultural development of Niphad. Amongst a few of these are Vyakhyanmala of Bahishal Mandal of Pune University and Karyashala. The trust now plans to construct the National Memorial of great freedom fighter Justice Ranade. Manakeshwar Vachnalaya has purchased the 325 sq.m. land where the great legendary Justice Ranade was born.


  • The R.R.F Foundation of Kolkatta, a central Govt. sponsored organization, awarded the Best Library Award for 2005 to our library. Ours is the only Library from the Maharashtra state to receive these prestigious awards.
  • The Government of India granted ‘A class Taluka Library’ status to the library.


The qualified staff, one librarian, one Asst. Librarian, one clerk and one peon work for the library. We are thankful to R.R. Foundation for providing books to the library for time to time. Till now, the library has received 2263 books worth Rs.96779/-. These books are loaned to C and D class libraries. To keep the pace with modern technology the management of the library took the decision to computerized the library. With this view library purchased in 2006 the computer system from its own funds. Now all functions of the library are computerized. Library features are highlighted below :

Free Reading Room (Open access) 
The library extends the facility of reading daily newspapers, periodical and magazines free of the charge in the reading hall. Daily 100 to 150 citizens avail of this facility. In this section 16 newspapers, 13 weeklies and 45 magazines are available.

Library section 
When the library started in 1919, only a few books were available as the main stress was on newspapers. But slowly, the management procured books in large quantity and made the library an important source of knowledge. In 1948, The library had 82 Marathi and 30 English books. After 1948, witnessed a phenomenal increase in the various activities of the library. Now, the library has a treasure of 26851 books in Marathi, English, Hindi. This includes various subjects. Just to mention few, the library has books on agriculture, religion, politics, science, astrology, tourism, autobiography and biography, Gandhi literature, Dr. Ambedkar literature, fictions and more.

Reference section 
This section provides information to students appearing for competitive examinations. The books in the agriculture section provide the latest knowledge and technology to the farmers. This section has 2043 books. Cutouts of important news and articles are maintained as archives.

Children section 
With a view to developing reading habit amongst children, we have provided concessional subscription fees to students and other children. 85 children are members of the library and avail of the facility.

Women section 
The management is keen to enrich this section with the help of our women- director. We note proudly that in 1938 that is seventy years back three ladies were enrolled as members of the library for the first time.

Cultural section 
The library achieved the distinction as a cultural center of the town because of various activities organized by the trust.

  • A most important activity is a center for external education conducted under Pune University. This center is working from 1972 and every year lectures of eminent scholars selected by the Pune university are organized. Similarly, workshops and seminars are also organized for various sections of society.
  • A separate section to impart the latest technology to the agriculture sector, all current dailies and magazines.
  • Every year prizes are distributed to the scholar students who stand first and second in the S.S.C. Board examination. 
  • Niphad is the birth-place of late visionary freedom fighter Justice Mahadev Govind Ranade of 19thcentury. Library celebrates his anniversary on 16th January every year by holding elocution competition at the district level.
  • Library also organise cultural activities, workshops lectures of eminent social, political & literary personalities in Niphad.